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Alberta robots

What is Alberta?

Alberta AI is a solution to a long standing problem of every endeavour related to artificial intelligence. It teaches the computer to understand text, sound, image and even taste as a human does. It allows you to create products based on artificial intelligence without a large set of historical, prearranged (previously assembled) data.

  type: "annotation",
  action: 'Annotate jeans',
  input_type : 'image'
  input: [''],
  callback_url: ''
}, (error, jobDescriptor) => {
Smart city - detect free parking spots
  type: "annotation"
  action: 'Detect free parking spots',
  input_type : 'video'
  input: ['']
  callback_url: '',
}, (error, jobDescriptor) => {
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How does it work?

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Around the world are training robots, but it's hard and humans are still the only beings able to do it well.

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Students, travellers and other millenials look for nice and pleasant work to earn money remotely

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Login via Facebook

Because Facebook Messenger is the only platform working fully offline thanks to Facebook Zero Initiative

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Solve simple tasks

Via their messenger

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Get paid

In cryptomoney, called Alberta, easily changeable for Bitcoin, Ethereum and traditional currencies

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Teach Alberta

More and more every day

Use cases


Website owners use Alberta as a CAPTCHA to secure their portals.

Freemium apps

Developers put Alberta instead of ads to generate profits on their free apps.

Telco industry

Mobile carriers like Freedompop offers free internet on free cell phone service. Service plans starts at $0.00/month.

AIberta vs. Competitors

AIberta Amazon MTurk ScaleAPI
AI trainers benefits from models they trained
Automatic building of AI models
Easy access to solving tasks - both online and offline through Facebook Messenger
Optimized for mobile devices
Passive income guaranteed
Tasks are targeted to specialized trainers n/a
Publishers can send tasks via simple GUI
Build for Developers in mind
Easy to signup as jobdoer
Allow put job solving on website / mobile
Currency independent

Created by


Partnered with

Wandlee adoption based on Alberta


Our mission

Our mission is to give the opportunity to every person on earth with a smartphone to earn money, and to protect our society from financial risks related to AI disruption.

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